• Donations

    We are currently working on making the donation process a little smoother, but the base system works.

    If you want to donate to ZippyMovieZ you can do so via BitCoins or Crypto Currencies. If you don't have either of them,
    we recommend you to find a trade website to trade your payment processor's currency to BitCoins and then
    donating the BitCoins to us. https://localbitcoins.com/ is an example of a BitCoin trading platform.

    To become a donator via a BitCoin Donation, follow these steps:
    Step 1. - Send a Private Message to Mr.Pink, informing you want to pay with BitCoins
    Step 2. - Wait for a message back, you will receive a Payment Request with BitCoin address
    Step 3. - Fill in the USD amount in your client (it should convert it to BitCoins) and send it
    Step 4. - Send a Private Message back, confirming that you have sent your payment
    Step 5. - Wait for a reply, once you get the confirmation your donator status should be active

    Tier 1 - Snow - Donation $5,- or more    |    Tier 2 - Frost - Donate $10,- or more    |    Tier 3 - +Blizzard - Donate $25,- or more |    Tier 3 - +Wlocker - Donate $45,- or more

    All donations help and all of the rewards you get for donating are permanent. Donations stack as well, so if you donate (for example)
    $10 today and $15 next month, you will still get upgraded to the next tier.


    Buy 1 Month Premium $5


    Buy 3 Month Premium $10



    Buy 6 Month Premium $25



    Buy 1 Year Premium $45





    How to Buy bitcoins in india

    http://localbitcoins.com/ (recommended)


    select any of bitcoin buying site.for example you are select unocoin then follow the steps

    1. create a account in unocoin
    2. deposit funds via your bank account 
    3. convert it into bitcoin using buy bitcoin option
    4. then click any of out premium package 
    5. send bitcoins to the bitcoin address account



    What is cryptocurrency ?


    what is bitcoin ?


    How to send some bitcoin to  a bitcoin address ?